Buying a
Florida Franchise

Should You Buy a New Florida Franchise or Existing Florida Franchise?

There are many choices when it comes to buying a Florida franchise. What kind of franchise should you buy? Where should it be? Who will it serve? But one of the biggest is whether you should purchase an existing Florida franchise or start a new one from scratch. Both answers come with pros and cons.

​Existing franchises usually costs 30% more than starting a new franchise. But, having facilities and equipment in place, an established customer base and experienced staff are all benefits. The value of these benefits, including the ability to jump in and start earning right away without investing additional capital, may outweigh the premium. This depends on the franchise.

But new franchises also come with their own benefits:
New franchises often have to break new ground, both literally and figuratively. If it is a brick and mortar business, the following steps are necessary:

8 Steps to Purchasing a Florida Franchise

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